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16 main methods of earning money on the Internet

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Today, the Internet attracts more and more people, thanks to the global web, we obtain a lot of opportunities. So without leaving your home you can now receive news, preview movies and music, to communicate with interesting people, to learn new knowledge. But not many people know that with the help of the Internet, without leaving your home, you can earn money. Until recently, the earnings in the Internet was more the prerogative of programmers and web designers, and owners of various resources. But everything flows and everything is changing, and today, earn money on the Internet everyone can.

Ways to earn money on the Internet

Now there are plenty of opportunities to earn or make money on the Internet. On this subject a lot of resources, a lot of people it is discussed on various forums and beginners are very difficult to navigate and deal with the huge flow of information. So I decided to allocate 16 main, in my opinion, ways to earn money and to briefly describe the essence of each of them.

Earnings lyrics

This type of income has become increasingly popular in the network, because the number of resources on the Internet is increasing, and accordingly there is a growing demand for high quality, unique texts. In a recent article, «the Work of a copywriter — earnings from scratch » I described how and where to earn money by writing. However, the text includes not only the copywriting and rewriting of texts (transfer of meaning of the text in your own words, using synonyms), posting (to pay for the creation of themes and writing messages on the forums or sites «Ottovich»), translation of texts, and paste (copy text from one site to another). The payment depends on the amount and complexity of work performed. So the simplest posting is estimated at 0.03-0.05$ per message, rewriting — 0.2 -1$ 1000 characters, and paste -$ 1 for 100 copies, copyright is the most expensive, its price can reach up to$ 5 per 1000 characters.

creating a paid mailing list

For this type of income of useful material for people or you must have some valuable knowledge, which will share with your readers for money. Income in this way you are not limited. Create a paid newsletter, suppose the price of$ 1 per month and if you have 100 subscribers, you earn 100$ per month. In General, this type of activity is widely applicable people narrow specialties, secrets and knowledge needed most.

Earnings for file storage

Most people in the network one way or another been faced with the hosting services, but not everyone knows that sharing can also earn money. Most file sharing sites type: letitbit, depositfiles, ifolder, and many others, provide the opportunity to earn by filling their popular resource materials. For 1000 downloads of your file you will get the money, the more popular and relevant your material, the more you can earn.

Merchanting different online stores

Many online stores are interested in the brokers, they offer discounts on their goods or other interest. In order to get a discount, it is enough to register in the online store as an intermediary. Then look for a customer, sell them the goods and the online store pays you a percentage. Each online store has his own, but generally ranges from 10-15% of the transaction amount. This kind of earnings will come very active people who know how to advertise the product, as well as resource owners, on the basis of this program, you can make your online store a mediator.

This method is much more profitable than the sale of goods other stores, because 100% of the profit you pick up yourself. So you can’t anything from idea through to socks with rhinestones. Everything will depend on the demand for your product from the competition and your manners to present the goods, and the ability to advertise. Earnings on the sale of goods requires, in addition to the availability of the goods for sale, of certain qualities, as well as monetary and time costs, and the availability of their online store, respectively.

For this type of income, you must have a website. The meaning of the earnings is in the installation of banners or advertisements in other sites with an affiliate program, compensation will depend on the terms of the partnership programs. So you can get paid just for transitions to other sites, and can get a percentage of sales of any information goods purchased after going through your site. The income from this method will depend on the popularity of your site.

Earnings from ads

the Meaning is the same as the earnings on affiliate programs, also require the presence of your site. Salary is based on placing contextual or banner ads on your site. With banner advertising, you place the blocks with the advertising material on your website and get paid for clicks on them, either at the time of posting information. If the advertising context. you get paid for posting articles advertise anything, or for links to other resources. The yield of this method also depends on the traffic on your website.

Earnings SEO services

As the Internet grows, sites becomes larger, increasing competition and each resource owner wants to be first in the search engines. But knowledge, how to promote website on top in search engines, not everyone has. So the Internet is very popular SEO specialists, people who can optimize your site so that his loved soulless robots Yandex and Google. Paid for this type of activity is good and the demand is quite significant. Of course without knowledge in this field to earn will not work.

Earnings on creating and monetizing blogs

Now create your blog every full services without any knowledge of site building, you can start a blog. These include Blogger, Livejournal, Blogru and many others. As these sites allow you to successfully monetize and earn money on your blog, including all of the aforementioned affiliate programs, banner and contextual advertising. In addition, having a site building skills, you can make your individual blogs by posting them on a paid or free hosting and also successfully monetize. And then it all depends on how relevant and popular information you will publish on the blog.

Earnings webmaster

this profile is a very wide range of earnings. Earnings on SEO services and create sites — the most popular and well-paid on the Internet. Know how to create beautiful banners, websites and other Internet things, then create them not only for themselves but also for people. Many are willing to pay good money for a quality result. You can not only do the sites on your own with the purpose of monetization and subsequent resale, but also make them to order. On the exchange freelancers, this section is one of the most popular, there are always new orders.

Creating your Internet exchanger currencies

Your earnings as in the usual exchanger will depend on the amount of the exchanged currency, essentially you will earn on the difference between buying and selling currency. For such earnings will require knowledge creation and promotion of the site, as well as small start-up capital. The more people will use your services, the more you will earn. Therefore, initially it is necessary that the maximum number of people know about your project. The profit from this site with interest covers all costs.

Earn money on online auctions

it’s simple, on the Internet there are lots of popular online auctions. The meaning of the income is fairly simple, buying in real life goods cheaper and sell it at auction — more. For this you just need to register on any auction like Ebay, Molotok.ru, Aukro.ua. Next, you need to decide on popular categories, looking for where you can buy the product from this category as cheap as possible put it up for auction and make a difference. Earnings will depend on the rates of buying and selling of goods and demand.

This theme on the Internet is very wide, how and how much you will earn from investing your money, depends on the initial amount that you manage, as well as from investment instrument. On the Internet at the moment, the sea of possibilities multiply their capital: trust management (PAMM Forex account. the pamms stock markets, the pamms sports grounds), high risk HYIPs. collective pools, investment funds, investments in various start-up projects and other More I wrote about it in the article «Where to invest in 2014 «. At the moment, this is a very interesting and promising niche, because in real life, much less normal instruments to raise capital.

Earn money on Forex

This type of activity is both highly profitable and highly risky way of earning. The bottom line is trading on the international currency market, and virtually all of the income is based on the difference in the purchase and sale of foreign currency. In fact, the scheme is similar to the way Internet exchanger, only more global.

the Internet is very much contradictory information about the Forex market, many write about what Forex Scam. All this happens for the simple reason that people begin to trade on the market, even without understanding the nuances. In order to really earn have much to learn and assimilate large amounts of information, but even without practice does not guarantee earnings.

I can say that I earn on the Forex market. To this I went for a long time, and in the beginning I lost a small amount of money for their stupidity. Some time it took me to analyze your own mistakes and deeper learning. Now I trade using Forex advisors. and by his own hand strategy. I don’t get a chance to go on a decent income, because I currently fill the experience and make clear the principles of money management. So in the near future I plan to cover this topic in the blog, because for several years I now have a story to tell and something to share.

Earnings on referrals

This type of earning is fairly simple and something similar to the earnings on affiliate programs, but there are significant differences. This group earnings I also took another network marketing, though the theme and not very similar, but both are built on creating your network of referrals and General principles called MLM. The principle of income on referrals, consists in the following. Find an interesting project with the referral system and invite him through the social network, blog or in reality, their friends, acquaintances, etc. Respectively, the more you will become referrals. the more you will earn based on the conditions of the referral program. Also there is another kind of income, when to invite anyone don’t, and you just buy referrals, with the expectation that not only will they pay for investments, but will bring profit. The function of selling and buying referrals available on many projects earnings in the network, including on WMmail about which I wrote recently.

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