Additional income in Moscow is half of the monthly income of the citizen


Additional earnings in Moscow for all

Where to find extra money in Moscow? At one time I was seriously interested in this issue, but before I found the best ways to earn money, I had to try a lot of low-paid and hopeless work, to lose faith in their strength and even despair to find normal ways of working. The result of their work in the network and «offline» I will describe in detail, so that beginners in search of additional income and not repeat my mistakes.

Additional earnings in «offline»: the realities of the labour market

Three years ago the company I worked for over a decade, went bankrupt. Of course, the modest salary of the engineer was not an accomplishment, but at the time I had to repay the loan for the apartment to take care of his wife and little child. Do you understand what despair I was after loss of main source of income? Attempts to find a permanent job either to no avail, and then I was ready to take on any job, just something I paid. About earnings with the help of a computer I haven’t thought about, so finding a job was manufactured only in «real». What I managed to achieve during this time? Well, let’s just say, I managed to feed the family, but any excess can not speak. These jobs are more suitable for students wishing to earn extra money in spare time. But I have gained useful experience, and I want to share with readers:

Work as a courier in Moscow — a part-time job, not without advantages

three months working with a courier, I was able to identify both the advantages and disadvantages of this earnings. Moreover, the situation can be viewed from different angles:

  • Constant physical activity. Well, for me, as a primarily mental work, it was nice for a change to work on fresh (relatively) air. My duties included the delivery documentation to travel to other offices. The day was about 5-7 trips. As for cons — so it is very tired after the first week of work, the need to wander around the city, ride in a stuffy crowded public transport and «walk» the city in any weather. Summer on the street very hot, autumn — rain and sleet, winter — forty-degree frost. Good enough.
  • meeting new people. In the office communicate with one and the same theme people, but the work by courier implies new encounter. But keep in mind that your courier path will not always be able to meet the extremely good and contact people. CADS among them a lot. Not to mention the «good» the passengers of public transport. Sometimes during the day ’obsessa»that then long to see nobody wants.
  • Timely payment. At least I got paid on time the full amount. However, for the month I got 16 thousand — the amount of funny, considering that the average salary in Moscow — fold in 3 above.

Conclusion: courier will appeal to students and young people without work experience, and that — as a temporary part-time job. To live on the salary courier impossible.

sales representative — the work is not for everyone

a Good sales representative receives from 40 to 100 thousand rubles per month. Tempting? The catch is that such earnings will need to have the initial experience and specific traits, the frequency, is the communication skills and perseverance. Plus, you need to understand the characteristics of the goods and services of the company, to be able to speak and react to failures. After 2 months of work sales representative I made the appropriate findings:

  • Persistence and dedication does not always lead to success. the Lack of results in the work forces us to give up and think: «what I miss?». Perhaps I need to be more persistent, friendlier or better know their products? These questions you cease to worry, when you realize that it’s just «not yours. You don’t want to find clients, to wander around the city, someone in something to convince and to live a miniscule percentage of the sales.
  • Extremely low pay. Yes, experienced sales representatives with extensive client base live quite well, only I it does not belong. Beginners are offered a job without official clearance pay as percent of deals. No trades — no salaries — ‘t live on that. Although the official registration rate of newcomers does not exceed 15-20 thousand rubles.
  • personal vehicle. Without their own transport to work is impossible, much time is spent on travel in public transport.

Output. earnings in Moscow sales representative can be a good source of income for young, self-confident people who can insist on and delve into the specifics of the work. For the other — it ill befits a way to earn bread and butter.

Online earning — more options

Leaving futile attempts to find a job and earn in other ways, and decided to switch to the network. Fortunately, I found more income opportunities, as well as for personal and professional development:


Quick money in Moscow does not necessarily include heavy work offline. One day I stumbled on an article about the earnings on writing articles. After reviewing all available on this issue information, I realized, what can I do for a living. I found a job quickly on one of the exchanges. In the beginning I wrote a small description of the goods in online stores, and gain experience, moved on to well-paid orders. The benefits of this work include:

  • Work at home without running around the city .

you Can work at any time of the day, main — time and accurately fulfill orders.

  • a Decent salary. A good copywriter is always to earn a living for himself and his family. In the first month I got $ 500, but then my income began to grow steadily.
  • a Lot of opportunities for creative expression.

the Best part — on the Internet!

the disadvantage is that some unscrupulous customers who do not want to pay the required money. But this is rare. And still need to have good literacy, a large vocabulary, perseverance, patience and the ability to quickly find and analyze information. For me this is not a problem, so I was able to achieve good success.

by the Way, writing articles gave impetus to create your blog ’ s another effective way of earning. My blog dedicated to advice to copywriters and news from the world of IT — technology. Now I am actively exploring new ways of earning on the blog, although today I went on a good income of $ 3000 per month (and this is not the limit).

affiliate programs

To work with affiliate programs need a blog, a website or group in social networks. I personally campaigned for partner websites in the blog, hosted her own mailing list and was looking for clients in Vkontakte. Affiliate program — this kind of cooperation with the online store or any other resource that is actively seeking new visitors and customers. I advise you to focus on sites that pay large interest on purchases your clients (at least 20-25 %). In order to reach a good level of income, it is advisable to participate in 3-5 affiliate simultaneously.

the Technology is simple: you need to join an affiliate program to study additional materials (banners, links etc) and start posting links to affiliate programs on your blog, social networks, Internet mailing lists, forums and free classified ads. It is very important not just mindlessly post links — and to educate visitors about the need to follow this link. For example, if the affiliate Internet shop plumbing — make an interesting advertisement to the store, tell us about discounts, benefits of collaboration and much more. A month on affiliate programs you can earn around $ 500

Disadvantages of earnings: without your site and a good knowledge of promoted resource partner of the normal earnings can be forgotten.

three years after the job loss, I realized that to find additional work in Moscow — not a problem, especially for smart, patient, and motivated people. Although I advise you not to stop casual part-time work, and to try to work on myself, as if it was not difficult in the beginning.

article Summary: Quick money in Moscow is almost not possible if you do not use the Internet. Methods offline jobs in Moscow. Work with a courier job sales representative. additional earnings in Moscow fast average additional earnings

Source: Extra income in Moscow is half of the monthly income of the citizen

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