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Goats dairy breeds have long lactation period — up to 9-10 months. And during lactation they give 400-500, and a separate — up to 1000 pounds of milk. This premature animals, feeding well on natural pastures and fattened. The taste and the nutritional value of goat meat as mutton. Most high taste differs meat calves and oxen. From the production of goat breeding among the natural fibers of animal origin, is allocated goat hair — a special kind of wool on, raw, unmatched physical and technical properties and high technological qualities.

From the skins of produce best quality leather — the kid, Lac-kid, Morocco, kozlina chrome, suede, dog, going for the manufacture of footwear and fancy goods. Skins containing Pooh, go to the manufacture of various furs, simulating valuable fur-bearing animals. The side product is goat manure — one of the best fertilizers for gardens and vegetable gardens. In its action it is superior to cow and horse. Especially suitable for greenhouses and hothouses. It requires 5 times less cow and 4 times less horse. From goats contained in the litter, the stall period receive from 350 to 500 pounds of manure.

Practical villagers realize how handy to have in the household of such a nurse. Goats are hardy and undemanding to conditions. In practical terms, valuable biological feature of these animals is early puberty. All rocks are prolific. The fertility of goats per 100 females is 190-220 kids and more, and this means that goats bring in one of kozlina 2-3 kid. Reported cases in goats dairy breeds are born to six normally developed kids. The average duration of economic use of goats — 7-9 years. This shows the advantage of goats in front of the cow. You should pay attention to the fact that the little goat weighing 50-60 kg gives a yield of up to 1500-2500 kg, that is 30 times more than its mass. So we can assume that the milk yield per 100 kg live weight in dairy goats in two times higher than in high-yielding cows.

scientific Studies have shown that goat milk is digested much better cow, so it is advised to drink the elderly and patients with metabolic disorders. Doctors recommend it also for stomach ulcers, eczema, asthma, migraines, colitis, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, diseases of liver and gall bladder, insomnia, constipation and arthritis. The advantage of goat’s milk — high content of biologically active potassium, which affects the cardiovascular system and rejuvenation of the human body. It differs from cow’s higher biological activity, including vitamin. There is no carotene, it is processed by the body into vitamin a, it is significantly more vitamin B12 — hematopoietic factor that controls all metabolic processes in the body

Goat milk has a good anti-rickets property due to the high content of calcium, phosphorus, cobalt, copper, selenium, magnesium, iron, manganese, sialic acid, which is the structure of the immunological barriers of the body. It therefore its composition is close to breast milk. In it, as in the female, as part of the main protein — casein — predominant beta-casein — a substance related to the nature of breast milk on the structural organization and its amino acid composition. The content of vitamin a goat’s milk is superior to cow 2 times, ascorbic acid — 1.5 and Niacin (vitamin PP) — 3 times. Rich in vitamin composition of milk can be explained by the fact that goats eat more of a variety of forages. However, goat milk is in any way similar to breast milk cannot be considered.

Chemical composition of goat’s milk depends on the breed. For example, milk Sayansky goats contains 3.8 to 4.5 percent fat, and Nubian — up to 8.5 percent. High milk yields with good feeding and content can only be obtained from goats milk directions. Dairy goat breeding in many countries is based on the use of breeds, bred in Switzerland: sayanskoi, toggenburg, Alpine, oberhasli. Average annual milk yield of goats-recordists in the United States are: toggenburgs — 2610 kg, sayanskoi — 2495, Alpine — 2215, lamancha — 2047, Nubian — 2007 kg of milk.

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