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make money online for beginners without investment

Many users of the world wide web for the first time after typing «make money online » immediately stumble upon the thousands and thousands of offers of easy money. Often these light work for some reason require investments from the user. That is why in this article, I decided to tell you about the most simple ways to earn money on the Internet without investment. which can make even the most novice Internet user.

Choosing such ways of earnings in the Internet, I was guided by the following criteria:

— operation should not require special knowledge and skills

the work must take a minimum of time (well at least should not be tied to specific hours to work was when convenient)

the work should be of adequate income (50 cents for 6 hours — it is a perversion and not income)

after Reviewing all the options, and based on its own is already quite a big experience, I have identified several options for earnings. While working 2-4 hours per day) each day, you can get the 1-5$. which consequently will give 30-150$ and more than a month.

Part one: the earnings on the clicks and tasks

Sure, this way of earning on the Internet tried many. Below I will mention only those that are stable for several years, and really pay sufficient number of jobs to be executed.

Wmzona — PTR-legend — REGISTER

After registering go top to earn — «tasks».

There’s just a huge pile, added daily, available for assignments. The job is very simple: to register on any website, click on the advertising and so on. The main perform tasks exactly with the description given by the advertiser.

I went to the site — to perform more than 800 jobs. If they perform all — total earnings will be 27$ (well the truth is we need a lot of patience ). If without fanaticism 1-5$ per day «gain» you can without straining.

in Addition: on this site it is possible to earn on full automatic setting on your special computer program (see details in the section «mining»). A day on the average characteristics of computers dripping 5-50 cents.

Well, of course nobody cancelled the basis of clickers — view websites and emails for money. But there is a minus — very low pay. For such «job» in an hour you will earn a maximum of 5-10 cents. Therefore, I recommend not to do that, and to perform tasks of which he wrote just above.

Wmmail — the second largest mailer: REGISTER .

After registering, log in to your account (by the way — very convenient to log in via Webmoney — no need to enter login and password), go to section category «user», there are «job». Here jobs are of course much smaller than wmzone, but nevertheless for a couple of hours to earn 1-3$ will not be easy. The job here is also updated daily, so there’s always more work.

Again — if nothing to do, you can call letter and view paid mail. But wages there are still funny. In this program there is an interesting way to get income — TIC TAC toe for money, and — the game «the duel» (if anyone ever played in BC — complete analogue, only for money). But I think in games — it does not pay, and the risk of — since it is possible to lose money, so I do not recommend this use.

Seosprint — another legendary mailer: REGISTER

To register will have to answer questions about the system (they are very simple, you can choose the correct answer without even reading the agreement). After registration, enter the personal Cabinet. I highly recommend to start with go to the «personal information». It fully fill out information about yourself: this will significantly increase the confidence of advertisers to you, and ACC. and your income. After filling out the profile cross section «tasks» — there is also a huge list of available work (now gone — more than 600 jobs, if they do — will receive about$25).

there is Also the opportunity to take a small pay tests. Well, again — all the same penny viewing emails and view websites for payment.

these are the three major systems of online earning without investment. By itself such programs, clickers have hundreds of online. But I chose only those who consistently pay, which has stood the test of time and are at least 2-3 years, and in which there is always enough work (tasks to perform).

Part two: earnings on social networks

the Next step to make money online without investment will profit using your accounts in Sots. the networks. Now almost every Internet user have accounts at least a few Sots. networks: Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Twitter etc. In them you communicate with friends, find and share interesting information, and just a pleasure to spend time. Now I will tell you how you can make money using them. There is a special service:

FORUMOK — a place monetization accounts Sots. network — REGISTER

After registration, I recommend you to first go to the section «my profile» and as fully as possible to fill in information about yourself in all of the available tabs. Then go to the below link «As here to work» — there is described a process, even video clips. Explain briefly the essence for example the account Vkontakte. So: you go to the left in the tab «Performer» -> «Vkontakte», choose «My accounts» — «add account», logging.

Now go to section «Search orders» — you will see all available to complete the job for Facebook. Jobs are very simple things you can do: join a group, make a repost account, click share. For each action you get paid from 0.03$ 0.3$, and sometimes a little more. That’s currently the only section of the VC more than 300 jobs. If they perform all — the income will be about 15-20$.

And this only Vkontakte. Just FORUMOK enables each user to earn in 9 sections. each with hundreds of jobs. In General, using only forumok you can earn 20 to 60$ a day or more, doing the job from all sections.

Part three: earnings on paid surveys

This way of earning money I put in the end sosince he does not give the opportunity to get some good profit and can be used only as addition to the above methods.

As the name implies, to pay you will be for completing paid surveys. The network presents an incredible number of such sites, but the great disadvantage of most of them is that they do not pay. Those who consistently pay very little. Well, in General, here they are:

Anketa — good old paid questionnaire to REGISTER .

Start with the bad to finish good . Minimum payout — as many as 1,000 rubles, at first, have to wait 2-3 months to come in this amount. Pros: good, interesting interviews with a large payment. The more and better carry out the surveys, the more comes to you these.

Voprosnik — is also quite old, paying the questionnaire to REGISTER .

Here the payment is significantly lower, but the polls will be cheaper. 3-5$ per month can be used without any difficulties.

to get maximum paid surveys (as in Ankete and Questionnaire) need to follow a few simple rules:

  • set up a separate gmail, so as not to mix the polls with another post and ACC. not to lose the order.
  • specify as much information as possible about yourself
  • if you ask «will you update your furniture, car, phone, etc.)?» — always answer Yes
  • do not say that you have a low income (select average or above-average) Summarize

Working in voiced article directions, you can make order:

  1. clicks (jobs): 2-5$ per day in one system, which I recommend to work — three pieces (wmzona, wmmail, seosprint).
  2. monetizing their social media accounts (forumok): 3-5$ 50-60$ or more
  3. performing paid surveys per day then it is difficult to calculate, because there is a few days come not a single poll, and another — will come several, calculate average): 0.5-2$ per day

total, if not to strain. spends 2-3 hours a day will receive: 3 click sponsor * 3$day forumok 2 groups (let’s take the most popular VK and Twitter) * 3$ surveys$ 1 a day will get 14$ per day

If we take seriously. to spend 4-6 hours per day: 3 click sponsor * $5 per day forumok (at least 5 major akkov) 5 * 3$ polls (well we can not control, we assume minimum) 1$ per day get 31$ per day. that will be 620$ per month (if you only work on weekdays, weekends completely rest from the computer!!).

by Itself: in some days to work will not work, some will make more jobs, and others — less. But to ensure a stable income from the net without investment in the district of 200-300$ per month can absolutely everyone, without any skills, only using the steps in this post tools.

Some tips for increase of efficiency of work and earnings

  • Perform one task at a time (i.e. if you start to perform the task wmzona — you must first complete all of it, and then move on to the next system). If you run multiple systems jobs at the same time — you «sprayed» as a result, the speed of task execution, and ACC. and your income — falls.
  • fully fill out the profile in each system. This you increase the confidence of advertisers and administration to itself.
  • Not to cheat doing the job: perform them exactly with the description of the advertiser, not missing any points. Otherwise, it can be several times these omissions will pass away, but in the end you can block the account without the possibility of withdrawal.
  • Put a phased goals and write them down on paper. For example: the next 30 days, I will earn at least 5$ a day using the system described above. Work until you have completed every goal. After a month, give yourself a big goal: earn$ 10 a day, and so forth

I Hope my article will help you start earning a stable income on the Internet without investment. What do you think — maybe it’s time to add some real ways to earn money without investment? Anyway, if you have any questions, comments, suggestions or you just want to say something good — write all through the comment form below.

In the near future I plan to publish another article about how you can earn money online without investment. Not to miss her exit recommend you to subscribe to updates my blog: subscribe for updates (in the form that appears, enter your e-mail, then activate the link, which will come in the mail).

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article Summary: Many users of the world wide web for the first time after typing «make money online» immediately stumble upon the thousands and thousands of offers of easy money. Often these light work for some reason require investments from the user. It is for… make money online

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