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How to make a million dollars?

How to make a million dollars? With one hand, what is a million rubles at the present time, not that much money. On the other hand, even such a large sum of money, not everyone is and not everyone can accumulate. To realize capital in million rubles, though it is difficult, but possible.

For this, you need to put your life in austerity. Every month, try to postpone as much as possible. For example, each month you will wait 20 000 rubles with the base salary.

Earned more than 20 000 rubles you can spend on your needs (for food, clothes, recreation). In addition sit on more work, with earnings not less than 10 000 rubles/month. With her to set aside 10 000 RUB All his savings to put on a replenished Bank Deposit, with a yield of at least 10% per year. Let us assume that the interest accrues at the end of the year. So, let’s calculate how much time you will need in order to accumulate a million rubles, with this approach.

  • Monthly lay on 30 000 roubles By the end of the first year, your capital will be: 30 000 x 12 = 360 000 rubles This will be your capital, if you will strictly follow the plan.
  • In the second year, you continue to delay for 30 000 rubles/month. At the end of the second year, your capital will be, taking into account accrued interest:

30 000 x 12 = 360 000 rubles (accumulated for the second year )

360 000 360 000 x 10% = 396 000 rubles

Accumulated capital for two years: 360 000 396 000 = 756 000 rubles

  • In the third year, you continue to delay for 30 000 rubles/month. Accumulated for the third year: 30 000 x 12 = 360 000 rubles

756 000 756 000 x 10% = 831 600 rubles

Accumulated capital for three years: 831 600 360 000 = 1 191 600 rubles

that’s all youhave earned a million ! To the end of the third year, youruble millionaire

In the fourth year can relax and unwind. Now your money will work for you. If you will place on Deposit at 10% per annum, they will bring you an income of 119 160 rubles per year (about 10 000 rubles/month).

All that we believed in a simple way, where the interest income is accrued at the end of the year. You can place your funds with monthly capitalization of interest. Then will accrue compound interest. In this case, the level of million rubles you will reach before.

for Example, every month you delay in Deposit of 30 000 rubles at 10% per annum. Interest is calculated monthly (10% / 12 = 0,833%) on the balance on your account. Get your account:

1 month: 30 000 rubles

2nd month: 30 000 30 000 x 10%/12 months 30 000 (that lay in the 2nd month) = 60 250 rubles

And so on. At the end of the year you will have the capital 376 967 RUB It on 16 967 RUB more than the usual interest.

in Addition to Bank Deposit and there are other, higher-yielding instruments, such as mutual funds, stocks. bonds. Securities can be obtained income in the amount of 20-30% per year, but the risks also increase. Which tool to use for your investment, you decide.

in Addition to the above, the thorny path, of course there is a very simple way to make a million rubles or dollars. You ask what? Write a book and name it, for example: «the Question a billion dollars — how easy it is to make a million dollars?». And sell this book to anyone for$1. In this book, only one paragraph: «Find a million fools willing to buy this book for$1!» I mean that there is no easy money.

good Luck and financial prosperity.

article Summary: to Make a million just. Earn a million rubles for a few years and earn profit. to make a million how to make a million

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