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MONEY is one of the most important concepts in any market economy: any generally accepted means of payment that can be exchanged for goods, services, be used to pay off debts. Money is a special kind of universal good that is used as a universal equivalent, by which is expressed the value of all other goods. Money represent goods that perform the function of a medium of exchange, payment, dimensions, value, wealth, figuratively speaking,goods all goods».

Despite the fact that the Money originated many thousands of years ago, is still debate about what Money is, what is their role in the economy.

By who as relates to money, says about them, you can immediately see who is rich and who is poor. And not necessarily in the material plane. The rich man thinks in a special way. He is an optimist by nature with realistic views on life. All in accordance with the words of the famous song from the film «Prisoner of the Chateau d’if».

Oh, how our fantasies in essence Hilo,

Humble and sad,

But no gold to embody them no power,

Even their is no power.

we Despised gold, it is not due,

not having

But see at least once, and happiness become numb

We numb happiness. A. Gradsky

As You probably know. in the life of every money plays a role. Someone batrachia them from dawn to dusk to feed children, wife, cursing this life. And someone intelligently controls the purse strings, successfully brings to life their dreams and reach their goals. Money can be a means of existence in the modern world or get unlimited benefits, boundaries determines the amount that You have. Without them anywhere, if you want to live in a civilized society, you can certainly in the forest, but the fate of the hermit. do I need to? The main purpose of money is the implementation of the goals. No goals have money, but in this case much pleasure they will bring. And no money — there is a goal, a plan to achieve, the money coming to you! The whole point, in the right setting goals, not to be mistaken with the choice of the goal. Have already tested empirically. Money is power, already proven! And rich people know who has the money, he has power.

the Rich man is a strong man is more intelligent, more independent, healthier, and generally for the wealthy cult or even fashion, to be in good physical shape, good health. Rich people believe the rule is bad tone, to have poor health, so they spend a very considerable amount. And I think no one will mind if I say that when poor health, God forbid disability, no money will bring You enjoyment of life, of course it’s good that they are all easier…but it’s better to have good health and a lot of money. And poor people are always sick and always dissatisfied with life, You hear NOT-TO-WILLS-ING LIFE, and the rich man as mentioned above, optimistic and confident in the future.

This is the lazy and losers profitable to prove that money is evil. Besides, I want to add that the media actively promotes the formation of the population of the negative attitude to MONEY, but also all sorts of hidden tricks that bypasses consciousness stimulate an irresistible desire to have them as much as possible and all sorts of benefits, which can be purchased. This from afar, it might be like on a scheduled conflict programs, but at the approach can be seen that the balance of desire and reluctance to have money, and most importantly how many of them we have very skillfully adjusted. We only think that we are making decisions, actually, in the us the program under which we operate, and the changing these programs, we will be able to change your life for the better (summary one of the possibilities) .

These programs contribute to the fact that people unconsciously, unbeknownst even to himself, got himself all the trouble that Sneem happen!

Why do so many of us, contrary to all laws of logic incur various troubles, why money avoid?

Let’s see, not whether You belong to those who manipulate, sabotaging Your success and tuning to receive less money than they deserve.

Imagine, contribute to this regular acquaintances, friends, institutions, family, government, media.

This does not mean that all people from Your surroundings wish You evil. Probably quite the opposite (probably deliberately they don’t want it).

However, all of these people force You to spoil my life as a result of: Your family disintegrates, a career is not folded, the money derived from his pocket, like water from a sieve, to get sick, Your business is falling apart, start POTREBITEL alcohol, drugs to numb the pain and provide many foolish actions, not letting You find health, prosperity, happiness.

I Can say that this is complete nonsense, but let’s assume that You already went wild brain, giving a sense of personal inadequacy, misconceptions about the wealth that You have, unknowingly, became the enemy of himself. loved.

You have been subconscious programming, has become the hostage of some beliefs «viruses of the mind». «Viruses of the mind» is a destructive program that is embedded on a subconscious level.

There are many programs, the implementation of which You expose is slogans, slogans, propaganda, etc.

There are many subconscious programs related to money.

These programs are designed to prevent to earn enough money and a large part of the population infected by them. These programs are perceived as the truth, because given the opportunity to justify their failure. Here are examples of these installations:

• Money is evil.

• the Money spoils people.

• Big money creates many large


• Rich people is immoral, do not value money, wealth which you have.

• Poor people is a noble, value money, every penny.

• If there will be long hard work, you will achieve a lot, and You are sure to recognize.

• Rich people are heartless, greedy, unprincipled.

Here, he writes about this Sinelnikov: «One of the most destructive programs — negative attitude towards money. And that man will deny, and will not be in his life.

During the development of socialism, the Soviet authorities, we hammered bad, contempt for the rich, money. Almost all fairy tales rich is poor, and the poor are good. American-capitalist — enemy number one, and the poor and the poor Ethiopian — faithful friend.

Christianity also denies money and material goods. Remember the words of the gospel: «it is Easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of heaven»».

One of the main carriers of the virus are the media: TV, radio, movies, magazines, Newspapers, books, the Internet, where all the information is served from a certain point of view, according to someone’s opinion or views.

Programming, which You are, 90% is negative, introduces into your subconscious fear and various restrictions. This programming makes you hinder your own success, happiness, health. This happens when You are watching TV, going to the cinema, or in any other way come into contact with information. This is facilitated movies-blockbuster…

As an example, we may say the movies: «Scrooge a Christmas Carol», «the Matrix», «Titanic», «Black lightning», «Nasreddin Hodja».

Why? Yes, because they appeal to fear-based, a variety of limitations, incorrect views of the majority of population about money, prosperity, success. They are implemented at different levels in our subconscious setup like: «Money is evil», «Rich people are immoral, stupid, selfish, evil», «Poor people are noble, intelligent, honest, good. And the more subconscious programming, the more You liked these movies.

TV no less, and probably much more harmful to your health, happiness, prosperity, because its effects are much more common than the impact of other media. news in General it is recommended to watch as little as possible, but it is better not to look, because the news is more than 90% of negative information, and You need it?!

unfortunately, many magazines, Newspapers, books also participate in the process of negative programming.

So, what to do, can ask a logical question? Get information hunger? To close, to sit at home and did not keep. Not necessarily, you just need to choose carefully the information you get, the people with whom you communicate, and these people need to be successful, wealthy, and better with the rich. If you succeed, then his subconscious is the least populated destructive programs and are more or less adequate program. Besides, ask yourself whether You need information, communication which destroy Your mind, You as an individual and as a consequence Your life.

you Must learn to see only the good, not to pay attention to different stimuli: rumors, news on TV, also when you have someone to share his misfortune he sends negative energy program and, in all likelihood, such problems may soon arise and You. Like attracts like, run from the negative, strive for positive — this is a very simple rule, to cut off all the unnecessary, harmful, useless and strive for a good and bright.

There is a simple method it is called, «YES», «NO». Ask yourself, then the event happens or the act which need to be taken to perform a task that will move You closer to Your goals, what you want to achieve, if not then You don’t need it, avoid it, if Yes, then go for it — it’s Yours. It’s very simple «YES» or «NO». «YES,» it brings You to the goal, «NO», it alienates You. Just like that, you can control the quantity, quality, pleasant events of his life.

As I mentioned earlier, the media is only one factor; there are many institutions, public organizations, take at least the government.

From the point of view of the government of unwanted, dangerous citizen is provided versed in the life of the person who is able to take care of myself. Ideal as those who need the support of the government, because the more You need the support of the government, the easier it is to manipulate you.

Being a thinker, You are opposed to human mediocrity, most of them want to get on «the ball» — just like that, without making much effort. The worst thing is that our government is not interested, that we have succeeded, it is necessary that we collectively have mentaliteti, was inactive and thereby supported the system, helping to preserve the structure of power. You can be sure that any government influence involves programming with the abovementioned purpose.

the Following source programming is no less dangerous, although few people realize it… the People with whom You communicate…

Nothing can quickly infect You with a negative view of the world than talking with people who have negative subconscious programs. Even worse consequences take place to be when trying to «save», to convince, because the more I try to pull them out of the swamp, the more themselves immersed in it, they unconsciously drag you to the bottom of the swamp. Because the concept of «KARMA» no one was cancelled, and eliminating the problems of another person’s life, there is a likelihood that they themselves pogresnite in them. People need to help only when they are ready, when they asks You about it and you need to look at: not given if the disease or what is the problem to fix this man, his views on life, to work out his own sins, and if you interfere, then interrupt the natural course of things, and this could entail punishment.

I don’t want to say that your family, Your friends have something against you; I am sure that most of them, each in his own way, wish you well.

for the Most part this is all done unconsciously. They can criticize your business plans, to laugh at your dreams, to question your intentions; but if to retreat from their plans and return to everyday life, they will support You, elevating your defeat commonplaces, such as the following expressions: «to make money, need money», «To become rich, you need to sell your soul», «to succeed, you need good communication».

In your life probably have frankly toxic people: time spent in their company, it is dangerous for your hopes, aspirations, dreams; they infect your mind with fear, doubt, uncertainty. When You just get out of the chains of negative beliefs, a variety of negative programs, You are very weak and prone to inertia. Therefore, it is often necessary to maintain physical and emotional distance between You and such familiar for some period of time until okrania and will not affirm the correctness of their positions.

Also, certainly in Your community there are people who sincerely love, which are always glad to help, but if you see that they do not strive for the best and ears in the negative, then a large amount of time spent with them, just dangerous for Your emotional balance.

If you are just starting to let the positive in your life and get in the way of success, there must be very vigilant. The most important resources for You, Your success, prosperity is a mindset and attitudes, you should be protected, no matter what it was.

But no one can not be considered as successful, if not pay much attention to physical health. People often sacrifice their health in order to get a certain job, to increase or earn the required amount of money. But sooner or later it becomes clear: it’s not worth it. To retire with an impressive state, but completely ill — will agree, cruel irony. Therefore, everything must be approached wisely, judiciously weighing all the pros and cons.

the Reasons why people never achieve goals, realize their dreams is the lack of knowledge, good health or the necessary energy to achieve their goals. People can achieve greater success if it will support your body as fit as mind. Then he will be able to find such health that will be able to work at the limit of their capabilities. If you are like most people, then surely your health is not significantly correspond to the stages of the path to success, you want to be.

the Cause of poor health I think it depends on the lifestyle that we lead: the food which is consumed, water, air, proper breathing, physical activity, ratchatani psyche and much more (read) .

the Man simply cannot be happy, prosperous person, if he was in poor health. But as soon as he finds optimal health, it adds more life energy, striving for the realization of all your wonderful creative ideas, and he understands that he can now live a vibrant, full of life!

decide to monitor the status of your health right now!

now let’s look at one of the components for success, wealth, happiness, love, prosperity, in my opinion the most important is SPIRITUALITY .

oddly enough, but we are taught not to identify concepts such as MONEY and SPIRITUALITY, although having enough money is a very important factor for the realization of their goals in life.

the Wealth is when people self-fulfilling, both in spiritual and material sphere. Moreover, it is argued that soulless people access to money closes over, just please don’t give examples of great conquerors, tyrants, complete scoundrels drug traffickers and other similar public with crazy, a lot of money out of every rule there are exceptions (perhaps we will examine such cases, but much later), but now we are talking about all of us, average individuals.

What does that mean? You should not profess the religion of money, which completely deprives a person of spirituality. What does it mean? What not to do? Where these Scriptures?

Simply take the laws of our society, which regulate the economy, business, public morality, a system of life. For example:

— Private property is the basis of everything, the meaning of life is to acquire as much property and employees. But what about the sin of greed?

the Superiority over the other — the purpose of life. But the sin of pride?

— People are divided into higher and lower by the amount of money they have. Sin inequality!

— Envy, greed is the engine of progress, competition. Also as sin!

the Law of profit above all else. What is conscience? The sin of vanity!

— the Right to lie protected by the law and untouchable (trade secret). No comment!

How we need to treat money With respect, but not allow them to gain power over themselves, i.e. to become dependent on them, if you create the right attitude to money, to itself, to the world, lack of money will cease to be relevant to You, then you will be able to open their way to riches. Are there any on this recommendation?

for Example Cinelike about this says the following: «the Presence in your life any subject will depend entirely on your thoughts regarding this very subject. If You lack money as a tool, it is only because somewhere on a subconscious level You deny them.

with Regard to money is a very important part of understanding the world.

You can say anything that You want to have the money that they need. But it is not empty words, and important feelings, emotions, images that you have in your shower, in the subconscious. This is your true attitude to money.

Negative destructive thoughts regarding money, feeling bivariately anxiety, different biases will create obstacles for the introduction of money. Hence the whole chain of problems: low wages, dismissal, loss of money and other

Accordingly constructive thoughts will attract money into your life.

the Availability of money in your life is directly related to how You treat yourself. How You value yourself and respect.

If you know how money works, you gain power over them, and then they start working on You, not You to them. From this moment begin to build your wealth «.

article Summary: MONEY is all about money, how to Earn money, Save up and get Rich. To be rich, healthy and happy — it’s not as hard as we all think! the money all about the money how to make money accumulate and grow rich money money rich rich rich rich rich rich rich people people people person people person people save money get rich how to earn money

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