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Additional earnings.

Grandmother side by side with my grandfather — this combination will meet today quite rare. It previously retired people could afford carelessly sitting on benches near the entrance, clicking seeds, play dominoes or chess, or simply to catch gossip. Today, this word-of-mouth, all-knowing old ladies and Supervisory old men on the benches in the afternoon with fire you will not find. Often the elderly can be seen at rallies for or against another innovation of power, or on temporary perquisites, etc in underground passages, trays, supermarkets, and if you’re lucky — and in a decent office. But such units.

retirement is as the beginning of life’s journey. I think it’s time again to think about their talents, on which you can earn. Alternatively, it may be a massage, sewing, gardening, knitting to order, cooking or hairdressing at home. To obtain a career that will give pension Supplement, people plan in advance. Psychologists, teachers, doctors hope for private consultations, journalists — freelance collaboration, translators — on orders. And what do those who in youth have mastered and applied by profession, working subject, which the house can not apply? Exactly about the material.

People are looking for additional sources of income in retirement, not to be a burden for children, with no hope of help from the state. After all, for anybody not a secret that the size of the Ukrainian pensions are far from desirable, and raising the retirement age in no way encouraged employers to more loyal towards people aged over 45. How and where in today’s environment can make people close to retirement age, which already does not fall under the criteria of the employer and the retiree, for which state support is just an excuse not to die of hunger.

we Offer our readers the most relevant ways in which today can Finance a «snack» Ukrainian pensioner.

Option 1. Oh, these networks

What kind of business is developing a furious pace? You will hardly find a similar speed networking marketing. Different cosmetic, pharmaceutical, trading companies and then recruited into their ranks sales representatives. By the way, getting here is quite simple — tiny downpayment, a pair of questionnaires, a trial shipment and expense ahead for orders to earn. If you work diligently and regularly, earnings per month can reach $1 thousand Only here to run it will have or neighbors-friends-friends to paydaydate, because the gain depends on the number of products sold. For many seniors network business becomes a «matter of life», or rather the second half turns into obsession earnings.

Option 2. Their work

Sitting at home after retirement, few retirees agree with measured potential life of the elderly. And not from what is by nature leaders and activists, and for the simple reason that hospitlity often only enough to pay for utility service. And here’s the manifest business acumen and entrepreneurial disposition. For example, the 57-year-old resident of the capital Irina Akindinova already 4 years behind the scenes is popular among his friends as an excellent pastry chef. Cook in the past, retired she started baking cakes to order. With each product, according to her, the woman earns not less than 30 UAH. In my opinion, a good help, if we consider that during peak periods, holidays and weekends — quantity orders may reach 20. It is also possible to organize a «point» sewing, knit to order, repetitorstvo. Or that requires a lot of cost and effort, to open his own retail outlet kiosk products or become a «tihista and sell cucumbers-cabbage in the underpass or on the market. So we can earn, according to selling old women, from 300 to 1000 per month. And no you licenses, permits and certificates, only have to be from police officers to hide.

in Addition, if you are an expert in any field, have extensive experience, you can do consulting, continuing to sell their knowledge and experience after retirement. Officially becoming a pensioner, you can sell our services not only to companies in which you have worked for many years, but also to other companies. The main advantage is that as a freelance consultant so you can get an hourly wage and, in addition, choose the best work at its discretion.

Option 3. Duty in the supermarket

the new-Fangled way to make money, though not very profitable, due to the presence in supermarkets discount programs. Often, standing in line, you can see scurrying between buyers grandfather-pensioner, offering to use his discount card. Actually this business is acceptable only for those shops that system discount is cumulative — that is on the card with each purchase donated a certain percentage from the amount. And you can only spend it here, in the same network. The story of Ivan Nikolaevich, 71-year-old cheerful old man, former military, we learned that using such manipulations in the day on his map comes from 50 UAH. Pensioner says that this is enough. To buy milk, bread and something for tea, there will be some left. Discount it by 10%. Nothing can live.

Option 4. Profitable glass

«Pioneer» way to make money is often noticeable in the summer. In our society has developed a silly superstition: bottles pass only the homeless and alcoholics. But in the recent Soviet past, so running was not shun even the students and teachers. Used glass containers collected all! So why not revive this beautiful almost tradition?

But… the bottle will wash containers only accept pure. And if you make the effort and be able to remove the labels, extra 15-20 cents in your pocket! And yet — in points of reception will not take any bottle. The range of acceptable products can be seen on display. As for the price, half-liter bottle of vodka cost between 12 to 18. For «felt better straight» will give 10-15 cents, wine containers (0.7 liters) — up to 22 cents, cognac (0.5 liter) is the same.

Beer bottles — a separate conversation. For foreign «Tuborg» you will get 20 to 26 cents, and for domestic Obolon — 18-20. By the way, if you’re lucky, will find a place where they take the beer cans small — to 7 cents, half-liter to 15.

having Decided to learn how much you can earn by renting «glass», we turned to one of the «regular customers» point of reception. Gentleman of indeterminate age in boots and womens raincoat reported that earns enough, however, details to achieve and failed — who the competitors «trade secrets» reveals? More talkative, «the entrepreneur said that, bypassing neighbors every week, in the worst scenario it gets under 100 UAH per month.

something between 5. Securities

the waste paper Collection — lesson though troublesome, but with some diligence can be a pretty good part-time job for retired person. Shestidesjatiletija Elizaveta Nikolaevna told that at one time did not hesitate to tell the neighbors that passes the paper, and they now regularly bring old Newspapers, boxes of household appliances and other unnecessary cardboard or paper products. Earns Elizaveta Nikolaevna at its «useful hobby» about 100 per month. A little? But still better than nothing. The same workman, for which the waste paper collection has turned into a business, can get for paper up to 30 UAH per day. And this is of the order of thousands per month — almost second pension.

Option 6. Ringing junk

Another «pioneer» earnings call delivery of scrap metal. However, the cost of both time and effort this business requires much more. At the same time a more substantial earnings. After talking with the owner of the illegal methods of scrap Vladimir, we found out that per kg of ferrous scrap metal to pay 2-2,5 UAH per kilo brass (all taps and santapprentice) is 20-22 hryvnia. If you can find a couple of non-working engine and remove their copper winding, per kg of the red metal pay 43-45 hryvnia. Aluminum products take based on 21-23 UAH per kilo. Of stable earnings, according to our interlocutor, here we are not talking. Often take time, but in large quantities — takes a lot of time «production».

Choice 7. Profitable writing

Surely every pensioner have grandchildren. And they often want to surprise-to entertain, to please. One of the pensioners shared his joy. Maria Feodorovna, going on a holiday, began to write children’s poems and stories, and over time, and to cooperate with children’s publications. «Retired, and discovered his talent. Well not that the talent, perhaps, but it turns out, if the publisher pays,» said the pensioner. According to her, the idea of writing the tale came to her when she was born granddaughter, and grandson by that time it was a little older and he was often left with my grandmother. Today Maria Feodorovna, because of their passion, receives a Supplement to pensions — about 2 thousand UAH per month. What’s wrong?

Version 8. The pre-election race

Another way to improve its financial situation — shock to work hard during the election campaign. At first glance, compared to other types of jobs, it’s like a «goldmine». Plus this job is a very good funding. Cons — the brevity of the campaign and unofficial age limit: pensioners to get here is not so easy.

the Amount earned is not disinterested assistance of one or another political party, depending on the type of activity: posting flyers, on duty in getpalette, distribution of Newspapers or brochures regarded approximately 100-120 UAH per day. Thus pay less on weekdays, on weekends — more; also important is the time and place of distribution of materials. Participation in the picket, too, as it turned out, a price — 80 UAH per hour. Even for the movement with the flag of the party you will pay about 100 UAH.

But the real «gold mine» — office work party: 200 UAH per day! But such a position to obtain not simply the best, as usual, for their own.

of Course, the figures depend on the party, you decided to «help» your hard work and your perseverance. With special zeal for the campaign is quite possible to earn about 3 thousand But most went about 1-1,5 thousand Quite a considerable increase in their pension.

Version 9. Friendship with the Bank

an Enterprising candidates pensioners can easily make friendship with the Bank: open a personal savings account or a special pension Deposit, dispose of which will be only at retirement. Then old age can be a great financial. Rates on such deposits is low (up to 12%, however, good support, a kind of insurance.

Option 10. Where are always looking for pensioners

Many companies offer quite decent additional income for pensioners. So, there are always vacancies of garderobes. The modest salary — up to 1 thousand UAH per month, but an increase to the pension significant. Men can get the guards or watchmen. In the first case will be able to Supplement the family budget by 1.5-3 thousand UAH, in the second — about 2-2,5 thousand UAH. Sometimes you can get a bonus in the form of additional power.

Good jobs for the most active — the profession of a janitor. Pay a little here — to 3 thousand UAH, but have to work 4 hours early in the morning. Except for snowy winters, it is definitely not every pensioner will withstand a load.

For ladies in the retirement age in good physical shape employers offer places cleaners (15 working days per month) and caregivers. In the first case you earn from 2 to 4 thousand UAH per month, in the second — from 100 to 300 UAH per day.

Conclusion: work even in old age can be found. The list of ways to bedding listed us far from complete. Add here there are a lot of things. Another issue that our society is not quite ready to work and retired. It’s much easier to complain about life, berating officials and indignant at injustice. Of course, it is impossible not to agree that not everyone is able to work after 60. Here actually we can talk about inadequate security, state medicine, nabludalsia siguranta. But this is a topic for another material.

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