Buying and selling real estate in Izhevsk and Udmurtia


property for Sale in Izhevsk

KGT on Gagarin,3 square 19,8m2, good condition, shower, plastone, metal door, the Internet, cable TV. good solidi.

Sell garden plot CHT «furniture» 3 acres, the house has 2 floors 20 square meters of bath, near the pond, the place is quiet, the land is fertile, landing.

land for Sale in the neighborhood, «rainbow», in C. Agul, 12 acres, the availability of communications: gas, water, electricity. The cost of the land plot of 300 thousand rubles, the cost of connecting to the communications 300 thousand rubles. The action: at 100% PLR

had CCW Dzerzhinskogo str 8 2/5P, rooms adjacent normal

Tr. Sell CCV Vorovskogo St. 126, 3/5 brick, good condition come over live,Windows ,pipe plastic,glazed balcony,facing East

article Summary: real estate for sale

Source: Purchase and sale of real estate in Izhevsk and Udmurtia

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