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Written: 03.01.2014 / edited: 18.05.2014

Hello everyone, in this tutorial are considered the most heinous way to make money — earnings on entering the captcha. This kind of earnings can make any person a bot, you can just otuput working with this case. =)

in General, of all the ways to make money for beginners, make money on the entry in my opinion the most stupid. Instead learn about the creation and promotion of sites, to sit for hours to enter the captcha can either students or masahista, or I don’t even know how these people to call. =)

And so they let us all in order.

How to make money on the enter captcha?

Earnings enter captcha is very simple. First of all you will need to register on one of the projects. On these projects, oddly enough, you will need to solve the captcha. There will be a countdown timer will be all the time to receive the new captcha and they will need to solve. Of course it’s dreary and cheap work, and think to yourself, from $0.35 to $1 per 1000 entered captcha. It tin full! Well you, I hope I understood that this way of earning money you must not do!

You see, it’s all bullshit as a way of earning, but I’m doing a collection of ways to make money on the Internet, so I write these articles no offense to regular readers.

Where sold into slavery to make money on entering the captcha?

These services’t seem a lot. I even links to them will not give, just describe them briefly, if you are interested, then the site will go. These sites are checked on the reviews and it seemed to pay properly, although it would be something to pay. =) And so…

I. KolotiBablo — quite a popular service that pays on different payment systems including wm.

I even bother to write and tell you all about this project, but I only wanted to show a few people the top 100 earning:

Payment per month as I understand it dollars. This is how many captchas need to enter on 189$, AAA tin, probably this man died for the comp. =(

II. Antigate — the second most popular project in this environment. But in comparison with the first, you are given the possibility to book the answer to the captcha.

I wonder, how many of the workers on these projects, it tin can die or secretsto or boredom…

Who orders solving captchas?

some people probably have the same question, I and he wondered at first, but then read.

In most cases it freelancers or mini online bookmakers involved in the runs of sites and blogs on various directories and other crap. Nowadays almost everywhere you need to register there is a captcha, those progenator when you do run the site for 1000 resources that they will introduce 1000 captchas? No, they’ll just buy the input of these 1000 captchas for $0.70-$1 and they almost have nothing to lose.

that’s the way to find a job in the Internet absolutely for any moose =)

Stay tuned for blog updates, planned many other interesting things!

With you was, Artem Cherkasov

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